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The Gallery section highlights 137 images of Ian's finest paintings, drawings and prints in seven themed pages. While archiving Ian's work, several themes emerged - some recurring throughout his work while others lasted for shorter durations. We felt that presenting the images under these themes would provide the viewer with a more enjoyable experience.

Holy Land

Sinister Men

The Sinister Men gallery page consists of a series of images created between 1982 and 1985. This is the work that first gained Ian some recognition for his painting and represents some of his finest printmaking. The name Sinister Men came about from Nick Treadwell's (of The Nicholas Treadwell Gallery) description of the painting entitled "Calling". Work included in this group was described in a critic's review for The London Times in 1986 as "As for the few bright stars – Ian Darragh transfers the fashionable dirty mackintosh mysteries of Balthus from girls to boys." This dramatic and masterfully executed series ended in 1985. Go...

The Visit


The Beauty gallery page consists of a body of work created from 1985 to 1997 which encompasses dancers, lovers, grooming, and all else that beauty entails. In this theme you see a big shift in his work from the Sinister Men with an overall softer tone and change in his palette. A good representation of the transition from the dramatic tone of the Sinister Men and bridging the gap between this is the painting titled “The Visit” which fits in both categories. Also interesting, is comparing 1985's Picture Book I (in Sinister Men) with 1987's Picture Book II (in Beauty) and 1985's Souvenir (in Sinister Men) with 1985's Man Holding Picture (in Beauty), in both cases different versions of the same subject matter yet each with such a diverse outcome. Go...

Entrance II

Circus and Stage

This gallery consists of two closely related subjects grouped together, which were created between 1981 and 1990. However, you will find in the archive that the Circus is a subject that appears to have always fascinated Ian as it recurs throughout his entire body of work starting with his earliest known drawings. The paintings and drawings in this theme tend to be distinguished by varying reddish tones. Of particular note in each category are 1989's Circus Scene III (large) and 1990's Entrance II, both large-format paintings created during Ian's first years in New York City, beautiful pieces that currently reside in Northern Ireland. Go...

Horseman with Guide

Horse with Groom

This gallery consists of images of a subject beloved by Ian which were created between 1984 and 1996. In the archive you can see that one of his earliest known drawings is of an Arabian horse and this theme resonates throughout his entire body of work. Of particular note is the painting from 1987 entitled Horseman with Guide that many consider to be Ian's finest painting. There are numerous outstanding images in this group including Youth with Horse, Horse and Groom and Visionary Horse and Groom to name only a few. Go...


Female Portraits

This gallery, showing work created between 1985 and 1995, also includes some nudes. Ian worshipped beautiful woman and loved painting them. Notable work in this gallery includes 1985's Espagnole and 1985-86's Grecque. Go...

Self-Portrait 13

Male Portraits

This gallery contains a few male portraits, the remainder being self-portraits. They were created between 1983 and 1999. Notable is the 1983 self-portrait 01, his first formal self-portrait. The archive contains around 200 self-portraits. In addition, his persona often appeared as the protagonist in many of his narrative paintings. Go...

To the Ruthless Belongs the Spoils

NY Times Illustrations

This gallery showcases the best of Ian's original illustrations. They were published in the New York Times Book Review, where he worked as a freelance illustrator between 1989 and 1994. You can see more illustrations in the archive. Note that the illustrations on this page are made from the original images, which The New York Times Book Review kindly made available. Go...

Reproduction of images

The reproduction of images on this website is strictly prohibited without gaining our prior permission. Kindly email us via our contact page for further information.